DISTANTS - Koplant No
(October 22, 2012 - Mize Music)

1. Stockholm Exchange
2. A36
3. Hello Again
4. Distants
5. Blerg
6. Trio
7. Point 2
8. Decompress Yourself
9. Pimento Grove
10. Trio Reprise

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TRANSIT EP - Koplant No
(March 6, 2012 - Mize Music)

1. Ballad With Drums
2. Hello
3. Transit of 1769
4. Transit Remix

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KOPLANT NO - Koplant No
(June 8, 2010 - Mize Music)

1. Baby (With A Monocle)
2. Pitch Dark
3. Cave Troll
4. Stubby McGhee's First Second Place Finish
5. Travelin' Man
6. Stubby McGhee Is Somewhat Less Than Confrontational
7. So Far
8. Cracked Out Cyber Mouse
9. What A Way To Go
10. Quarter Til Dawn

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COMPLETE LIFE - Joel Vanderheyden

(June 2009 - Mize Music)

1. The Fall of a Superhero
2. Pees and Deetoo
3. Complete Life
4. Gargoyles
5. Your Medical Eye Patch Leads Me to Believe You Will Be Pillaging and Plundering...Very Soon (Pirate Song)
6. Tanzania Life Project
7. Between Heaven and Hell is a Drawer of Junk
8. Simple Elegance

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Arranged by Joel Vanderheyden
For big band plus tenor sax soloist
(includes alt. parts for standard big band only, featuring lead alto)
Check out the live recording on this site in the "Listen" section
$50.00 - (Sent electronically in PDF format)
Purchase via PayPal HERE